Richard Ross has provided us with photos and memorabilia from his tour with the 15th CEB in 1967 & 68
Richard served with B company, 2nd platoon

Anyone having any additional information for what is displayed here, please do not hesitate to contact us
Octofoil and unit crests, from a brochure back in the day
Louisville (name unknown) was from Louisville.) Other guys from our squad. Can't remember their names
Other guys from our squad. Can't remember their names
Can’t forget the rice paddies
Ariel view of Delta & Rivers
Delta hooch’s by a small canal
Me out in the delta

One of our slicks

This apc  was hit. It was from  5th/60th. This was one of my rides with the 15th was needed.

A Delta family
Convoy hwy #4 caught Carlos taking a wizz.
Me & name unknown (tent city) Dong Tam
Left 2 right Carols, Me, "Carmel" (unknown name) He was from  from Carmel, Ca.
A Vietnamese, ARVN lieutenant, real nice guy, very smart
He was from 9th signal name unknown (I think they called him butch?)
They called him Red. I think he was KIA'd
On bed is RED (only known name).  Other guy name unknown, both were with the 9th signal in Dong Tam