Kip Bonds served with E  company in 67/68 and has come up a few photos he would like to share.
Its going on 45 years and my memory is not all that sharp. As I recall the only boats used by the 15th were all from Echo Company. We had the twin inboard 27’ bridge boats, the airplane powered airboats. And we also used outboard powered 18’ aluminum boats, there were pontoons that when connected stern to stern formed the flotation for a Light Tactical Raft. None of these had a steering wheel or any kind of a center counsel. I can not remember any other craft that we used.

With all of that said there were lots of other types of craft that frequented the Dong Tam turning basin and I do not know which units they belonged to.  I have looked through my few surviving photos and attached copies of any boats. The only thing that is close to your description are the two Boston Wailers, the larger Boston Wailer clearly has a center control counsel and both have squared off front. I remember these boats being used as shuttles to bring people to and from LST’s at Dong Tam. My GUESS is that they were operated by the Navy....
As Remembered by Kip Bonds

Boston Wailers
27 Ft Bridge Boat
Air Boat
LTR Pontoon Boat
Kip receiving his Army Commendation Medal and Jim receiving his purpel heart awards May 6, 1967
Kip Bonds and Jim Bryant in 2010